Mé·xic Blankets


The Mé·xic [me-sheek] Blanket 


The story

The idea the Mé·xic blanket came after looking a good quality, light weighted and practical blanket. Not finding one in the market the founder of dhanika decided to search for artisans in her native México, after much research, and a bit of luck, she found a small family owned workshop in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala, and that's how the Mé·xic blanket was born; using traditional techniques, recycled materials and the design of a yogini. 

The name

Mé·xic [me-sheek]: México derives its name from the Mexica People.  The name is proudly pronounced uniquely in México. The letter X in México has three different pronunciations.  It may be used as the standard letter "x", as a "h", or as ‘sh’, as in ‘chic’. So when you are using a Mé·xic Blanket you are doing yoga in a "chic" way.

The use 

For many yoga or meditation practitioners the use of a blanket as a prop has become essential in their practice. The blanket is often use for support under the pelvis, the buttocks, the knees, wrists, elbows, etc.

Owning a blanket for a home practice or studio practice becomes convenient, it's available anytime, anywhere and you can wash as often as you want. It will also carry your own energy. 


 The workshop